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Domestic and International Arbitration

The lawyers in our Arbitration Practice Group offer clients sound counsel and practical support in all types of arbitral proceedings, both at domestic and international forums. Our lawyers are experienced in various issues and aspects of both domestic and international arbitration. We have tried cases under various procedural rules, including the International Chamber of Commerce, UNCITRAL and ICSID rules. The practical experience of our lawyers is deepened and clarified by their internationally renowned scholarship on a wide range of international arbitration issues. Our lawyers have been published in some of the leading global law journals on international arbitration.

For more than twenty years, our lawyers have represented a variety of local and international clients, including large multinational corporations, sovereign states, and small businesses at various arbitral proceedings. The disputes we have handled generally involve issues related to international trade and investment; private and public international law; privatizations; concession agreements; disputes on terms of contracts; oil and gas acreage disputes; intellectual property agreements, as well as disputes on foreign direct investments.

The depth of our expertise in international arbitration makes us the preferred choice for international law firms seeking advice on Nigerian law in matters of arbitration affecting Nigerian entities and businesses. Hence, we are frequently consulted by international law firms to review and advise on various international agreements affecting business or contractual issues in Nigeria. For example, our lawyers have advised law firms such as Torys LLP; Norton Rose; Freshfields; and Amsterdam & Peroff, amongst many others.

Commercial Litigation

At Blackfriars LLP, our acclaimed success in litigating cases in Nigerian courts begins from our listening approach. We listen attentively to the problems of our client. We pay attention to the finest detail of our client's case. Nothing escapes our attention. Before rendering our advice on any matter, we first understand our clients' products and services and the surrounding business environment, including industry-wide factors. We then proceed to apply our intellect, experience, skills, and judgment to give our clients constructive advice in a clear, sound, timely and cost-effective manner to assist in achieving the desired goal. This approach is the basis upon which our reputation as Nigeria's finest litigation firm rests.

We offer our clients candid advice on the risks and potential rewards of litigation, arbitration and mediation. We pursue this client-focused strategy to ensure that we have, and continue to develop clients who trust us implicitly and realize that we take their interests to heart. Local and foreign clients including international law firms frequently retain our firm for their most significant and complex litigation matters in Nigeria.

Our lawyers are recognized for their considerable experience and excellence in pre-trial meetings, trials, criminal and regulatory investigations, hearings, appeals and crisis management situations. We have counselled diplomatic legations, industrial enterprises, financial institutions and individuals in many complex and sensitive matters. We are frequently retained by foreign law firms to enforce foreign judgments and arbitral awards against Nigerian entities.

Debt Recovery/Debitura

Blackfriars works closely with accredited debt collection and recovery agencies such as www.debitura.com to recover debts in Nigeria. Our exoertise in non-litigation and litigated recoveries is outstanding.

Our Commercial Litigation group primarily focuses on the following practice areas:
Business litigation;
Environmental litigation;
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards;
Securities litigation;
Real property;
Natural resources and energy litigation;
Products liability ;
Criminal defence;
Intellectual Property Litigation

International Law

In an increasingly globalized business world, private individuals, corporate entities, and states have to deal with potential benefits and risks of conducting business, trading and investing globally. The risks of exposure to financial, regulatory and legal obstacles are real, especially in countries like Nigeria where paucity of local information, opaque regulatory regimes, and policy instability could yield adverse results. Our firm is especially capable and experienced to offer sound legal counsel and practical help to foreign investors proposing to undertake or already doing business in Nigeria. In the areas of trade, business litigation, exchange controls, taxes, and foreign investment requirements in Nigeria, we are the pre-eminent law firm in Nigeria. An article of faith at Blackfriars is our unyielding determination to assist foreign companies and investors thrive in Nigeria. Our seasoned lawyers are among the finest legal minds in matters of both public international law and private international law.

Team Leader: Prof. Dr. Ikechi Mgbeoji